A fantastic detailed model for the ultimate in Victorian Submarines!

Jules Verne's Submarine Nautilus as visualized by Harper Goff in the 1954 Disney film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Based on circa 1868 technology.

This kit is based on the Goff  visualization built by Tom Scherman Hollywood set designer and Lee Seiler Hydrodynamic model ship builder at the Department of Naval Architecture University of California Berkeley Model ship towing tank. A dream that spans nearly half a century of work and study has now become a reality.

Of the Disney version Nautilus kits available today, this one is unique in that it has been designed as if the Harper Goff submarine was a real operational vessel built in 1864. Every mechanical and structural part foud in actual Victorian era Submarines are found in this Kit. Over the years beginning when the 1954 Disney film was released the kit builders have researched Victorian engineering and marine Iron Clad construction practices of the 1860's. This kit, while being completely faithful to the original Goff design, also addresses the original Nautilus submarine described in Jules Verne's Novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and 1860's Victorian engineering practices.

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The above 4 photos are of an actual client-built model

Kit includes:

Fully detailed Exterior hull w/display stand templates in 1/72 scale (32 inches long)

Special 'weathering' kit, to produce the finish seen here with no paint required!

Featuring -

Full sized interior compartment layout plans in Side, top, and section views.

Detailed sketches of all interior compartments and mechanical parts…..


Ballast system/wet and dry/connections/pumps

High Pressure air system/ Air induction and storage/ Ventilation/pumps

Electrical wiring/lamps and heaters

Nuclear Power system/ Steam power system/Mechanical drive parts

Fresh water system/waste water systems/Bilge pumps Rudder/dive planes - controls and mechanical parts - and much more

Many interior and exterior photos of the 1954 movie Nautilus are included for use in creating the correct color finishes, textures, and details.

As a straight display, model construction is easy requiring only a few hand tools and glue.

For model builders interested in the challenge of building the ultimate interior model of the Nautilus, this kit offers all the basic information.

Includes Full sized plans. Kit offers the only complete detailed compartment interior drawings of the Nautilus ever produced for the modeler.

Note: The still set photos are NOT movie stills - they are actual set photos taken before the film was shot.

No submarine-boat over the years has been so famous as the first iron submarine boat NAUTILUS, built and captioned by Captain Nemo from his secret isolated island base Volcania.

This kit offers the only complete detailed compartment interior drawings of the Nautilus ever produced for the modeler.

Now Available. A fully assembled and primed Nautilus Victorian Age submarine designed by Harper Goff. The model offered, developed and built by Lee Seiler, with thanks to Tom Sherman, long time friend and contributor to the acrylic master model, includes exclusive hull Rusting kit.

Nautilus Models are built to order only. However, Lee is unable to take new orders at this time Please check back soon!


Design - Kit Details - Plans - RC Models - Testimonials

Add Fiber Optic lighting effects! Order directly from:

Expedition from the Nautilus
No scale model of Harper Goff s Disney Nautilus would be complete without a crew.

1:72 scale cast resin figures.

These figures are complete with "The free diving suits" (self contained) and shipboard uniforms. Originals carved and cast by hand. Figures are ready to paint and mount or can be further detailed to suite. Color painting key included.


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The assembled Nautilus with display stand.

Model completed by Lee:

Shown with unfinished display stand.

Design - Kit Details - Plans - RC Models - Testimonials


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